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South Coast Geological Society Background and Mission

The South Coast Geological Society (SCGS) is one of the most active geological societies in California. This is due to the continued excellent participation of its members, the celebrated monthly speakers, and the renowned annual field trips and guidebook publications. The SCGS is devoted to promoting the Earth Sciences and minimize business and political debate.

SGGS members include persons in geologic professions largely living and/or working in Orange County, California. Membership includes all disciplines, ranging from hydrogeologists, geotechnical engineers, petroleum geologists, mining geologists, environmental geologists, college professors, to students. It is a society run by volunteers, with the purpose of sharing geologic ideas and fellowship during monthly meetings and an annual field trip.

To encourage student membership and participation, the student membership dues are reduced, and dinner costs are reduced for all professors and students attending a meeting.

Company sponsorship is encouraged. Sponsorships assist by funding guidebook publication, offsetting the food and supply costs for the annual field trip, and funding scholarships.

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