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Meeting Date: Monday, June 1st
    - Social Hour Begins at 6:00PM

Location (Map Below): El Adobe de Capistrano

Speaker: Eric Drummond

Topic: Ice Cold Gold


For the past three years Eric Drummond has co-starred in the non-scripted, reality TV show, Ice Cold Gold that has just aired its third season on the Animal Planet channel. Ericís presentation to the joint meeting of the San Diego Association of Geologists (SDAG), and South Coast geologic Society (SCGS) will include a slide presentation of images Eric has captured over the past several years while exploring in Greenland. Descriptions of the geology of significant finds (including Ruby, Sapphire, Gold, etc.) will be included. A discussion of Greenlandís potential as a world supplier of strategic minerals, and descriptions of the geologic complexity, cultural, and natural beauty of the country will also be discussed. Finally, a discussion of the challenges of practicing Geology and creating a TV show at the same time, in remote arctic conditions will be presented. The first ever, legally imported Rubies and Pink Sapphires from Greenland will be on display. Questions following the presentation Ė whether geological or otherwise, are welcomed.

Speaker Information:

Eric Drummond first became interested in Geology at a young age while exploring the wilds of New Jersey collecting rock, mineral, and fossil specimens to include in his always evolving rock collection. Eric always found a way to combine his love of natural science with outdoor pursuits including camping, fishing, skiing, mountaineering, boating, and scuba diving. Eric received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology from New England College, where he was active in the Geology club, played on the lacrosse team, and had a work-study job in the Geology lab. Eric spent the first seven years of his career based in Denver, Colorado, where he worked throughout the Rocky Mountain region as a wellsite Geologist for the oil exploration industry. During this period Eric was involved in several major oil discoveries. It was also during this period that Eric continued his pursuit of outdoor activities including rock and ice climbing, fly fishing, and mountaineering. For the past 25 years Eric has worked as a consultant in the southern California area in the fields of hydrogeology, engineering geology, and mineral exploration. Clients have included the US Navy, major and independent oil companies, land development companies, small scale gold mining operations, fellow prospectors, and TV production companies. Eric has travelled extensively throughout North America, South and Central America, Europe, Africa, New Zealand, Mexico, and Greenland. For the past three years, Eric has co-starred in the non-scripted, reality TV show: Ice Cold Gold that has just completed airing its third season on the Animal Planet channel. Eric is the Chief Geologist for Sixty Degree Resources, a small mineral exploration company prospecting in Greenland. During the off-season Eric researches the prospecting locations that are depicted in the show and does the licensing and planning necessary to explore in Greenland. Eric is founder of the company Red Ice Gem, which he formed to promote small scale, artisanal mining in an environmentally and culturally ethical manner. Red Ice Gem was formed initially to help Greenlandic small scale miners develop their Ruby deposits but has expanded to include small scale miners in the US and other parts of the world. Eric is responsible for arranging the first legal import of Rubies and Sapphire from Greenland to the US. Eric lives with his wife Laura, and cats Mineral and Gem in the north San Diego county community of Rancho Santa Fe.

Address: 31891 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Meal: Regular or Vegetarian meals Complimentary tea and coffee will also be available

Cost: Members $30; Non-members $35; Students and Professors $15, $5 late fee for reservations made after 5pm the Friday prior to the meeting.

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